Sunday, July 27, 2008

An introduction to professional play

No-limit Texas hold 'em cash games are similar too and still deeply unlike many other forms of poker. It is also the deepest, most complex, difficult, dynamic, and least understood form of poker. It is also the hardest to be profitable at but the most profitable when mastered. It is not my intention in this blog to extoll the virtues of this game but rather to set down the basic principles of the game in order to become a profitable player.
If your goal is fun then this blog isn't for you.

If you desire to play tournaments, look elsewhere.

This blog is of little value if you play or want to play limit games.

This blog is designed to teach you the skills necessary to play professionally for small and medium stakes games. In order for this to be a success you will have to study intently, practice often, and work extraordinarily hard. You won't make millions but you will be able to live a life of freedom as a professional poker player. I hope that's what you want.

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